Wednesday, July 30, 2008

For a Future Generation

Psalm 102:18

Why do we do what we do? Why do we persevere through hardships and trials? First and foremost we do it because we have been called to. If we were to turn away in the midst of trial, to whom would we go? (See John 6:67-69)God receives glory in all circumstances including difficult ones. But, for me and possibly for you, I continue on so that my children will one day know and believe and understand that He is the one true God. He is worth living and dying for everyday of my life until He calls me home.

This future generation that we are preparing has a hard task in front of them. They will be called to do things we never had to do. They must be prepared to take the Name of Jesus to the next generation. They must be well equipped to do this through our example and our teaching them God's Word, but we must also be prepared to let them go and do it.

One of my favorite pastor/teachers is John Piper. His entire family blogs about what God is doing in their lives. What a Godly legacy and an example to us all. Please click on the link below to read what one family has to say about preparing the next generation as well as being prepared ourselves...

As we are called to prepare the next generation of believers be it our own children or our spiritual offspring, let us do it with all faithfulness. Let us depend on God. If we trust in Him, He will never put us to shame (Romans 10:11).

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